The low-cost and easily configurable technology makes parcel sorting a quick and easy task. This parcel sorting solution requires minimal training and uses a hands-free ring scanner that will cause the correct bin to light up when you scan the barcode on each package. The intuitive process enables efficient sorting that reduces the risk of mistakes while it saves time preventing the need to match labels to bins manually.


Our new swivel sorter with unique belt design. Just one drive up to 20 meters. Less commissioning, less electrical hardware, short delivery time, less energy consumption.


  • capacity up to 4.000 parcels per hour
  • min parcel: 150x100x10mm; 0,1kg
    max parcel: 750x550x400mm; 25kg
  • one drive per 20 meters
  • up to 25% less energy

Libiao Robotics

Flexible sorting solutions, no worries about space limitation.

According to the parcel sorting and order picking requirements, the system can increase or decrease the number of robots and chutes as needed. With more flexible and flexible expandability, there are no concerns about site constraints, thus reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

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Intralox ARB

Activated Roller Belt™ (ARB™) technology is a patented, automated conveyance solution that creates new possibilities for system or line layouts. Proven in thousands of installations worldwide, ARB equipment enables efficient, gentle, and reliable product handling for applications and areas that more traditional technology cannot support.

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Vertical Cross Belt Sorter

The energy-efficient Vertical Crossbelt Sorter is suitable for any application and industries where a gentle sortation handling of the items and small footprint is needed. It sorts material up to a maximum of 35 kg, e.g. cardboard boxes, parcels, small packages, packaged foods, catalogue goods, padded envelopes, multimedia products, clothing, etc

Sliding shoe sorter engineered for gentle handling of a variety of product types in high-throughput applications. Single and dual diverts are available and can be customized based on a particular conveyor system’s design.


  • capacity up to 8.000 parcels per hour
  • min parcel: 150x100x10mm; 0,1kg
    max parcel: 1500x800x800mm; 50kg



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